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Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Fairy Kei Playlist!

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Music. It's the sound of a subculture's beating heart. Fashion trends are often started by musicians, but sometimes fashion comes first. Sometimes designers come up with a completely original idea and musicians adopt the style later. Fairy kei and Spank! style are such examples. Because of that, there really is no definite "fairy kei" or "Spank!"-related music genres. However, there are musicians who embrace the style as well as musical preferences amongst designers. Without further ado, I bring to you a list of musicians you might want to put into a "fairy kei playlist".

Riot Grrrl
Riot Grrrl music is a favorite amongst third wave feminists and punk girls alike! However, what many American fans don't know is that it's also quite popular with the Spank! girls in Japan. I'm proud to say that I currently live in the home state of Riot Grrrl music! I am also proud to say I am a fan. In fact, I was quite surprised and pleased to find out it was making it's rounds in Japan, let alone within my favorite subculture!

Favorite and Most Notable Riot Grrrl Bands

Favorite Feminist Electroclash
Although Le Tigre and Chicks on Speed are similar to Riot Grrrl music (Le Tigre was even formed by Bikini Kill frontwoman Kathleen Hanna ), they are electronic and therefor fit better into the "electroclash" category, which is rather loosely defined.

Musical Fans
Spank! style as well as Fairy Kei are both very popular fashion genres in Tokyo, so it's no surprise that some musical artists have interests in the style. In fact, one of Japan's ambassadors of "Kawaii culture", Yu Kimura is a fan of fairy kei, as well as the lead singer of her band PEEP4U.

Favorite Fairy Kei and Spank! fan Musicians
*Neeko is also a well known model and voice actress.

80's Pop
80's pop. Is there anything more Spank! than that? When I think of Spank! , two musical artists come to mind. Cindy Lauper and Stacey Q. Many artists could be added to this list, but here are the ones that really represent the Spank! philosophy to me.

My favorite 80's pop artists
*Although I prefer recent Kylie Minogue, I think 80's Kylie is more appropriate for the blog's theme.

I think that concludes my list! Although there are many musical artists that make me think of fairy kei and Spank!'s philosophy and style, they really have no connection to either. However, I want to thank you for reading! Also, I would love to hear what you would add to your "fairy kei playlist"!


Mnon said...

what a great post !
I think I'm into all this band, exept maybe hard riot grrrrl band, I have to listen to bikini kill one more time and understand the feminist or not feminist lyrics .
My fav are Feminist Electroclash and I think you can add bands like Peaches, Electocute, Robots in Disguise or Toxic Lipstick (Tabuchi talk about them !)
Of course PEE4U is just too fairykei, like the most fairykei band ever, too bad they give up ! They made me listening again to Japanese music for a long time ago.
Gollbetty is so great, thanks for the video, I don't know why I didn't watch it before, it's so good *o*
And the final part, 80's pop, I really have to listen it. I started early Madonna but I only know one song about cindy lauper (shame on meeeee >_<)
So, Thanks a lot for this post !

Kitty said...

I agree that Peaches (I'm a big Peaches fan too), Electrocute, Robots in Disguise, and Toxic Lipstick are really great additions to the list! I'll make sure to add them!

I'm also saddened the PEEP4U gave up. They're songs are so catchy and light-hearted.

I really love that Gollbetty video too! It's so cute!

It's okay that you only know one Cindy Lauper song. I have to admit that I don't know of too many, myself. It's never too late to start listening to her discography!

Thank you very much for reading and commenting! I appreciate it so much!

Narcissique said...

I'm happy that you talked about music! I like very much Joan Jett and le Tigre, also 80's music, but I like more glam metal than pop. Thanks for this post!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say I read this article three years ago and now Kiiiiiii are one of my all time favourite bands so thank you for introducing me! ^u^