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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Uwagimaya and Daiso haul #1

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It took me a while to decide whether or not I would feature hauls on Fairy Kei Every Day.
I believe it really just boils down the simple question "Will this be of my reader's interest?"
We here at Fairy Kei Every Day (me) believe that our readers are intelligent consumers with a love of all things cute and pop! So, without further ado, I present to you my celebration of consuming all things cute!


Kinokuniya is a Japanese bookstore located within the Uwagimaya in Seattle. They have a very expansive selection of Japanese magazines! I really couldn't ask for more!

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I of course had to get the latest issue of Kera. I have to say that this is one of my favorite issues! The clothing was divided by color coordination (the pastel was my favorite!).
I also found the makeup tips to very useful for getting a nice "giant-eyed" look.
However, I had to cry over the fact that I couldn't read their Amo interview. I love her too much! At least they had pictures of her favorite things. It appears that she is very fond of Kitty Surprise and High School Musical!
I'll make sure to do some scans later!
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FRUiTS! With Amo on the cover! Need I say more?!
By the way, sorry for my gross unmanicured nails.
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Did I ever mention that deco is my other hobby?
Also, check out that pimp hair dryer! Magnum Revolver!
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The free macaroon cabochon that came with it is rather cute!
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Maru. Has. His. Own. Movie.
and he's in a trashcan.
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Rilakkuma. Doing what he does on a macaroon.

After having fun in the bookstore, I headed over to the main Uwagimaya store.
Well, actually I sprinted straight to the Sanrio section without even glancing at the delicious groceries.
Sadly, I found nothing worth buying in the Sanrio section. However, the beauty department was a different story.
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I bought some eyelid glue. This is something I've been meaning to do for sometime.
Now, if you have seen me in person or have seen close-up photos of my face (most likely you haven't), you know that I have double lids.
If you know what eyelid glue is, you may be wondering why I would have any use for it. Well, let me let you in on a little secret: not only does it gives you double lids, it also makes your eyes appear bigger. All you do is apply a little glue slightly above your upper lashline, then use the stick thing to push your lid up. Your "lower-upper lid" will adhere to your "upper-upper lid", giving your eyes a larger, rounder look while still having a visible eye crease.
The downside is that it's hard to close my eyes all the way, giving me dry eyes and a headache. BUT AT LEAST MY EYES LOOK CUTE!
Also, it came with a cute hair bobble.
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I really liked the Uwagimaya shopping bags! So cute!
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Here's the back! Look at those little curry blocks! Japanese curry is one of my favorite foods. SO CUTE!
Fact: Do you know that Japanese curry was originally imported from British colonials? The recipe was a British interpretation of Indian curry. Now days British curry restaurants have authentic Indian curry as well as great fusion styles! However, Japan held on to the colonial curry, which is fine because I LOVE IT!

After splurging at Uwagimaya, I decided to do the rest of my shopping somewhere more affordable. Good ol' dependable Daiso. Oh, how I love you.
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I found out, to my delight that Diaso sold the same stationary as Kinokunia but for much less. This one in particular caught my eye. The paper is quite cute! I should have taken a picture!
"Which would you like coffee, tea or milk?"
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I love these kind of mirrors! I especially liked this one because my boyfriend always calls me "sweets". He picked it up and was like "Sweets! It has your name on it! Literally!" Lol.
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I thought this one was cute too. I think I'll deco around the parfait.
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I've been needing some measuring tape for some time! I've been wanting to make some clothing and I'm also on a diet so it's ideal for taking my measurements. It's in cm, so that's a plus. I like knowing what my measurements are in Japanese clothing sizes. Lastly, did you notice that IT'S A BEAR FACE?! CUTE!
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Last, but not least on today's haul are my eyelashes. How could I go to Daiso and not get eyelashes? Now, some of you may disagree with me on their quality. Yes, you do get your money's worth. However, I think that $1.50 lashes look just fine, as long as you are not going for a natural look. Not that lashes like these could ever look natural.
The lashes on top/middle looks amazing, by the way! They really make your eyes look HUGE!

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Now, if only I had circle lenses. *Sigh*
Also, sorry my hair is so messy in this picture. It was SUPER windy.

Well, that is all for now! Thank you so much for reading! Bye bye!


Kreamy said...

The eyelashes are SO awesome ! My favs are the one on top-middle ♥
The Rilakkuma strap is really cute, and you're lucky to have this FRUiTS issue ;_;/ the cover is great !

Kitty said...

Thank you so much! Those lashes are my favorite too!
I've also been wanting a macaroon phone charm, so when I saw the Rilakkuma one, the deal was made. ^_^
I really like the cover too! I got super excited when I saw Amo on the cover!

Naka said...

cute eyelashes they look great on u ^^
waaa cute overload :3

Anonymous said...

you spelled uwajimaya wrong. lol.