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Friday, April 30, 2010

If the Shoe Fits...

Fairy Kei Shoes. The Ultimate Guide.
It's a well known fact that shoes can make or break an outfit. However, when it gets to fairy kei, there are so many shoe options, it's often hard to choose the best pair for your wardrobe. Another problem that many fairy kei-admirers run into, is finding brands that sell a specific style they are looking for. I've done my research, and complied a list of shoes that will suit many styles! Whether you love Spank!, fairy deco, fairy lolita, or even something more on the neon spectrum, you no longer need to worry about shoes!

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Spank! style is a bit more hip and retro than Fairy Kei, in general. Dr. Marten combat boots and ReebokXMilkfed freestyle hi-tops are popular looks that will go with any outfit. If you want to dress up an outfit, vintage pumps are always a great option, however they are not always easy to find. Not to worry! RANDA has an amazing selection of 80's-inspired heels. If you are looking for something both comfortable and hip, moccasins and UGGs are popular options. But if you are someone on the cutting-edge, looking for the next "it" shoe, look no further than the vintage Converse platform. There is only one problem, they are close to impossible to find in the U.S.
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My remedy? Buy similar platform Vans, if you can find any, or buy the H&M platform Vans look-alikes. However, the best option would be to buy some Converse All Stars and bring them to a cobbler. They can stack sloes onto them, to make them into platforms. I know this sounds crazy, but it's what all the club kids did in the early 90's, so it must work!

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Although quite a few different styles of shoes are seen with fairy deco, I love the way chunky hi-top sneakers polish off the look. I've seen a lot of German decora-chans rocking these shoes, and I must say, they look AMAZING! I personally own some pastel pink Osiris Bronx. They are very comfortable and sturdy, as a skate shoe should be.

Unfortunately, what I really lust after are pink Sketchers children's hi-tops. They are a pretty popular choice amongst the Western fairy-kei community. Too bad my feet are nowhere near children's sizes! If you would rather have something from Japan, I'd suggestShaun PalmerXRobot Luv sneakers. There's nothing quite like glittery shoes! Last but not least, there's something for all the boys out there, Reebok Ex-O-Fit hi-tops. Although they are men's shoes, I don't see why a girl can't buy some as well!

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Although fairy loli IS lolita, that doesn't necessarily mean that lolia shoes are the only option. Pastel Combat Boots* or opalescent pumps are a great way to add more fairy-kei style to a lolita outfit! If you prefer to stick to lolita brand, but want something different, BTSSB has some adorable converse-style sneakers with the
"Pony in Sweet Dream"print. However, If you simply cannot stand to wear shoes that are not lolita-style, solid colors are the way to go. The solid colors give your outfit a more "pop" feel and are somewhat reminiscent of Barbie shoes. AP tea party shoes are classic! If looking for boots, BTSSB has adorable heart cut-out boots, perfect for cold-weather.

If you are a lolita on a budget, Bodyline is a well-known option. As well as being cheap, they also sell a larger range of sizes than brand lolita shoes. Their pastel blue heels would look great with a pink/blue coordinate. I also think their pastel pink boots would look great in a fairy-loli coordinate.

*Dr. Marten no longer sells pastel pink patent leather combat boots. However, you can get similar boots from Double Decker.

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I'd like to define "pop style" as being something between Spank! and new rave. When I chose these shoes, I had the 6% Doki Doki shop girls in mind. It's bright, edgy, and a tad bit retro. It's great for the girl who wants to add something bright to a pastel coordinate. As with almost any style, Dr. Martens are a great choice, so why not make a bold statement with metallic pink ones? Another great boot that I can't keep my eyes off of are Yosuke U.S.A's shiny pink engineer boots. Prefer heels? RANDA has some great options. If you'd prefer something more alternative T.U.K. has adorable heels with a darker style.


Emmie: said...

I'm dribbling!! 0_0 nothing beats pastel coloured shoes, they look like sweets~ You've compiled an awesome list here, but what would be really nice is if you could have given the names and prices of the shoes listed... because i want to buy them all!!

Sophia Alexandra said...

AAAA I WANT! EEP can I have all those shoes please please please oh shoe gods!

Kitty said...

Thanks! I was going to add the names and prices but I got lazy. However, that is unacceptable! I will post the names and prices today! Thank you so much or reading.

I also have links to the shoes scattered throughout the paragraphs.

lol. Sophia, you're so cute...

Zilvy~♥ said...

Waooo!! They are all cute♥ I want all!! Ihih ^^

GoldenAngelKitty said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
GoldenAngelKitty said...

hiiiiii wow i want fairy decora no 6.!! where can i fin them??? *__*

Naka said...

i love the pastel colours and the dr martins ^^

KawaiiPuppy said...

What are the Fairy Decora #1 shoes called? They're really cute.

Crystal said...

i actually saw a pair of Sketchers children's hi-tops in TK Maxx yesterday, and frankly my UK size 5 feet can fit into the size 4 pair, and still got some space to move around...>.<
the purple version is so adorable but sadly they only have it in size 3...T.T and they are only selling for 12.99 pounds only XD

Anonymous said...

Write some more posts!!

Vivian said...

damn! you give good fairy kei advice! how i wish i had a few thousand dollars to throw around. i would definitely throw them at any or all of those shoes. and then i'd buy them. ;)

Sweeth said...

Hi darling! I really like your blog!
I hope that you will follow mine too ^^.

MINT said...

The first one's on the fairy decora are the cutest by far~~ :3 And I think the fit the best to fairy kei.

Anonymous said...

Thank you SOOOOOO much for this!

I was just complaining about the fear of wearing heels with fairy-kei and here you come, saving the day! <3

You have given me hope to continue on this 80's pastel fantasy! <3

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Anonymous said...

It's a well known fact that shoes can make or break an outfit. However, when it gets to fairy kei, there are so many shoe options, it's often hard to choose the best pair for your wardrobe. Another problem that many fairy kei-admirers run into, is finding brands that sell a specific style they are looking for. I've done my research, and complied a list of shoes that will suit many styles! Whether you love Spank!, fairy deco, fairy lolita, or even something more on the neonswtor gold
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Anonymous said...

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