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Friday, March 26, 2010

Spank Boys!

Boys in my Spank!? It's more likely than you think.
Every once in a while on the Spank! shop girl's blogs or in a Kera street snap I see him...The illusive Spank! boy. He's often in a leather jacket or pastel cardigan. He wears his pants tight and tucked into retro hi-tops. He looks both cute and fearless.
I'm all for gender equality, so today I'm all about giving a shout out to my male counterparts!

Spank! Boys
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As you can see, there is more than one pic of Tsun. I seriously spent all day on the Spank! shop girl's blogs and this was all I could come up with. I couldn't find any of the Kera street snaps I previously saw, either. T_T If you find any pics of Spank! or fairy kei boys please show me!
Get the Look
Many of these items are not from fairy kei brands. This is just my interpretation of men's Spank! style and fairy kei fashion and some things that I think would make cute outfits.
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1.American Apparel (unisex), 2.Drakes London, 3. AC/DC Rag, 4.Chocomint, 5. Swimmer, 6.Chocomint (ring), 7. Jansport, 8.typical motorcycle jacket (a shorter one may be better), 9.Topman, 10. Reebok, 11. Topman,
12. Braintree Clothing (women's- can still work), 13. Casio, 14. Listen Flavor, 15. Urban Outfitters, 16.Piknic, 17. TruffleShuffle, 18.Double Decker, 19. Reebok,, 21. TruffleShuffle, 22. AC/DC Rag, 23. Truffle Shuffle, 24. Spank!, 25.Fred Flare, 26., 27.Spank!, 28.Spank!, 29. Chocomint,


Lila said...

Aaaaw..... How I understand you >3< since the first time I get my eyes on that first pic I fell in love, totally! <3<3
I adore him and his style...;_;

Anonymous said...

i love those headphones!
i was looking at the site they're from & i don't know if you can order them from canada D:

also, i think there's more than one spank boy. those guys in the pictures look different. mostly in complexion (which can be easily fixed i know) & the eyes.
i'v actually seen quite a few fairy kei boys.

Anonymous said...

Wooow! He´s using Jeremy Scott too! Jeremy Scott in spank, never thought about it, but it reallly matches. So cute but not as girly as i would imagine, perfect!