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Friday, March 19, 2010

Craft Tutorial #1

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Knitting Bows
If you love Spank!, you may have already noticed their adorable knitted bows that adorn some of their items. If you haven't started knitting yet, a knitted bow is an ideal beginner project! It's just as easy to make as a scarf but much faster, so you won't get discouraged. Below are the videos that helped me learn how to knit!

Just fast forward past the casting on part on this one. The last video is better for that.

I recommend using large needles for your first knit. They are easier to use. However, too large of needles will make your bow flimsy and silly-looking. My needles are 8.0mm and I think they are perfect for starting off. I also recommend using wooden needles. The yarn is less likely to slip off. You should also use a very basic yarn* that is not too rough (scratchy wool) or too soft (baby blanket yarn).

I casted on 6 stitches and made 9 rows for the little bows. For the big bows, I casted on 14 stitches and did 19 rows. To bunch up the bows, I just wrapped yarn around the middle and tied it into a knot on the back. Bobby pins and headbands work best for putting the bows in your hair and I recommend safety pins to temporarily put them on your clothing.

*no crazy, stringy, confetti-lint madness