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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fairy Kei Checklist

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Fairy Kei Checklist
Hello again, my friends! I'm sorry it's been so long since I've last posted! I've been having troubles deciding what will and will not be on my blog. Today I decided that one of the things I do want on Fairy Kei Every Day is a checklist. I was inspired by the "Mori Girl Checklist" and the "Lolita Checklist" from Lolita Charm. Sooo, without further ado, I bring to you the "Fairy Kei Checklist":
  • Loves vintage toys with hidden secrets.
  • Scoffs at the term "age appropriate" .
  • Loves Cindy Lauper
  • Agrees that "girls just wanna' have fun!"
  • Thinks a scarf can never be too long.
  • Doesn't mind being "the cute and quirky girl".
  • Liked scrunchies before they made a comeback.
  • Wears "grandma shirts" because she finds them oddly charming, not ironic.
  • Wears vintage prescription glasses with the lenses popped out.
  • Loves deco (especially sweets), but makes her own with a pastel-pop twist.
  • Puts her makeup in a Caboodle.
  • Loves unusual scented items.
  • Is a thrifty shopper.
  • Likes to incorporate sweet lolita, especially Angelic Pretty.
  • Has fun piling on Chocomint or 6% accessories.
  • It may be a well kept secret, but she likely was once a lolita or decora-chan.
  • Buys candy solely on it's packaging.
  • Material of choice can be described as "moko moko".
  • Prefers acrylic to finer materials.
  • Thinks pajama tops and petticoats can be main components of an outfit.
  • Wishes she had "My Little Pony hair".
  • Prefers things that glow, change color, light up, have hidden compartments, etc.
  • Chooses polka dots over stripes.
  • Still writes in a paper diary.
  • Wears a backpack outside of school.
  • Loves items disguised as other objects.
  • Sneakers and boots go with EVERYTHING!
  • Secretly wishes she could still fit into her childhood clothes.
  • Wishes shoe companies made light-up shoes for adults.
  • Thinks everything is cuter with bows.
  • Her friends say she looks like she's from the 80's.


Cupcake Eater said...

Your blog looks so cute! Why did you stop posting? I would love to see more!

Sami said...

heheh this is me exactly except I don't pop the lenses out of my glasses because I actually need them to see Cx